Laurel Wilson

The "Perspective Shifting" Speaker

Laurel Wilson was born’ and raised in Denver, CO. She received her bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Oklahoma State University.  She now resides in Oklahoma City with her wonderful husband of 3 years Ethan and their 1-year-old boy Pryce.  After graduating, Laurel worked in the event planning industry for over four years.  Laurel Wilson is the Bestselling co-author of the book ‘Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy.’

Laurel Wilson grew up in a loving home and family life with mom as a successful Entrepreneur and dad a corporate salesman living the typical American life. Laurel’s world unexpectedly tipped upside down when away in college she lost her father to suicide with no explanation and three years later she lost her brother the same way.  Laurel realized that she has a choice with these tragedies, to give in to the grief or to fuel her own reason to live.

Laurel’s mission stems from her own experience with loss and adversity, so she decided to use these tragedies to bring some good into the world by creating a positive guide for those who are suffering from loss and for those close to them.
Laurel Wilson now travels the country and the world both to live and virtual events helping men and women personally and professionally by giving them the courage to dig deep and to focus on ‘What Is’ instead of the ‘What Ifs.’  She brings a unique perspective to overcoming challenges to any circumstance while remaining true to the core values that drive to happiness and success.